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Operational logistics services

High performance down to the last detail

Operational logistics services >>

We offer proven in use operational logistics services for the whole supply chain. Permanent improvement and optimisation of workflows ensure an always up to date and efficient service for our customers.

Warehouse management

  • 24/7 incoming goods management, quality control
  • Storage (FIFO/LIFO, batch ready, on-floor storage, palette storage, SLC storage)
  • Separation, repackaging/packaging, kit building, labeling
  • Yard management
  • Storage of dangerous goods

Production logistics / subcontracting

  • In-hall and inter-factory transportation
  • Supermarket handling
  • Line feeding/ call-off order management
  • Value added services (VAS)/ assembling activities

Maintenance & spare part management

  • Procurement
  • Storage & inventory record keeping
  • Assessment of demand, distribution and preparation for installation
  • coordination of the installation/ service provider
  • removal

Picking & distribution

  • distribution avtivity/ coordination of freight carriers
  • Design and implementation of picking strategies
  • Optimisation of picking technologies (pick-by-light / pick-by-voice / research project „Google-glass“)
  • Distribution optimisation with intelligent outgoing goods management